Dorothée Pullinger and the Paisley Connection

Dorothée Pullinger, nowadays celebrated for her pioneering work as an engineer, car producer and entrepreneur, has generally been more associated with the Dumfries area of Scotland where she worked after the First World War before moving to London and then Guernsey. However, to understand how…read more

The story of Dorothée Pullinger

Dorothée Pullinger’s extraordinary life and work continues to fascinate cultural researchers and engineering historians, now UWS academics are searching for her Paisley connection. The research was enabled by a Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious award in 2017 for “A Car for Women, and other stories”…read more

A Car for Women in the UWS Annual Review 2017 (p31)

Dr Katherine Kirk, School of Engineering & Computing, and Professor Katarzyna Kosmala and Tony Grace, School of Media, Culture & Society, are joining forces with Pullinger expert and independent researcher Dr Nina Baker, to explore the story of Dorothée Pullinger’s life and achievements as part of an….read more

A Car for Women and Other Stories

‘A Car for Women and Other Stories’ takes up the story of Dorothée Pullinger, a pioneering motor engineer in the 1920s. Dorothée is most famous for designing and building a “Car for Women” at her factory in Galloway, Scotland.
As the director and manager of Galloway Motors, Dorothée recruited a…read more

UWS academics in search of Dorothée Pullinger’s Paisley connection

The extraordinary life and work of the pioneering 1920s motor engineer, Dorothée Pullinger, continues to fascinate and academics at UWS are searching for her Paisley connection. The research was enabled by a Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious award in 2017 for ‘A Car for Women, and other stories’…read more

Changing the Landscape – culture change in Engineering.

In January 2017, the Royal Academy of Engineering conducted a survey to increase understanding of the culture of engineering, the extent to which it is inclusive, and what would make it more so. The Academy would like to thank every individual engineer who responded, and all the organisations that took…read more

Wise Campaign for Female Engagement in STEM

WISE tracks progress towards our goal of a critical mass of women working in the UK STEM workforce (30%) through the Labour Force Survey which gives a gender breakdown for different occupations. The latest figures, (August 2015), show that women make up 14.4% of all people working in STEM occupations…read more