Thomas Pullinger invited by Beardmore to take on his car factory at Arrol Johnston, Underwood in Paisley. It had been losing money and Beardmore wasnt willing to invest further but if T Pullinger would take the managership on that basis he could get 1/8th of the shares paid for out of any profits. He had to find the first week’s wages for the workers by retrieving and selling scrap in the pond nearby. To get the necessary parts and materials he approached suppliers and persuaded them to give him 12 months credit: Mr Dunlop is said to have been one such. Arrol Johnston had 17 models and sold one of each in the preceding year and Pullinger wanted to rationalise which proved successful and he got his first 1/8th shares and then a second 1/8th shares. Thomas visited USA to see Ford factories.

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