Thomas Charles Pullinger seconded to Weirs Ltd, Cathcart, Glasgow, for about 10 weeks, to oversee the construction of 3 cars for Darracq, to Darracq design, using staff who had never built any car before. They were built especially for the British team in the Gordon Bennett Cup race of that year. This was an unsuccessful ruse by Darracq to attempt to beat the race rules on the number of cars per country per marque.

Thomas Charles Pullinger at Sunbeam: production began of a Thomas Pullinger-designed car, based on the Berliet mechanicals.

Thomas Charles Pullinger moves to Humber’s factory, Beeston. Coatalen had recruited T C Pullinger from Sunbeam to manage the Humber operation at Beeston, near Nottingham. The Beeston Humbers were generally built to a higher specification than the Coventry models. However TCP was very anti-union and introduced new “American methods” and there was a strike after he installed new machinery and didn’t reemploy some of the more difficult union men.

Dorothée’s sister Esme Jessie Berenice was born in Wolverhampton.

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