Thomas Charles Pullinger moves to Sunbeams (Wolverhampton) (John Marston Ltd was the original name). T.C. Pullinger was appointed as works manager in 1902. Under Pullinger, Sunbeam began marketing French Berliets as their own. Badge engineering is by no means a recent invention. The Berliet-based Sunbeam 12/16 was produced between 1903-1904 and established Sunbeam as a serious manufacturer. Two six-cylinder Sunbeams were produced in 1904, but production centred on the four. A new engine and gearbox were introduced in 1905 and the car became the 12/14.”

Dorothee comes to England at age 10, not able to speak english and sent to Loughborough high school, Leicestershire. Brother Rene Albert born in Wolverhampton.

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